Welcome to Cooking With Rocky!



Here you will find videos of Rocky cooking many of his signature dishes and other family recipes.  As he likes to say, some of these go back to the “old country” (Italy).  In the videos, Rocky will explain not just what he is doing, but the origins of the recipe in the family as far as he knows it, or makes it up.  While most videos will be demonstrations of carrying out recipes, some will be interviews, and some may be something else, but also special.

We’ll be posting recipes with the videos, and other articles as well.  We will also post photographs of Rocky and the family, as well as the wonderful food that has been prepared.  Since we started this during the holiday season, you can look forward to a lot of baked goods like cookies and cakes in the early posts, as well as a Feast of the Fishes special.

One of the purposes behind this website is to allow distant family to connect with their uncle, cousin, father, grandfather, brother-in-law, friend, or otherwise, commonly known as Rocky.  We’re privileged enough to not only live in Florida, but to experience Gramps (Rocky to you) pretty often, which is an experience that a lot of the family, I’m sure, misses.  We hope to bring family history, great food, stories, and members of the family into these videos.  If we’re really lucky, maybe we can get Rocky to travel to the homes of other family members, or they can visit him, and appear with him in videos making their favorite recipes.

Now the tease:  some of our early videos will feature pizzelles, raisin rocks, bow ties (krusciki), biscotti, and lady locks.  Your watering mouths can be heard from here.

So come, reconnect, and enjoy the food, the host, and family as Rocky shares family recipes brought from Italy to Pittsburgh to Florida to you.


Rocky’s daughter, Roxy, with Rocky